WSOM 2010 Challenge Tournaments Announced by Mahjongclub
The Mahjongclub recently announced the final dates for their Challenge Tournaments. The challenge tournaments are for the 2010 World Series of Mahjong and they will be taking place this July. Players will be able to enter into two qualifiers prior to the challenges for just one dollar.

The Main Event Challenge Qualifier and the Riichi Event Challenge Qualifier will take place before the challenges and will have a buy-in as low as $1. The Main Event Challenge will take place on July 11th at 14:00CET while the Riichi Event Challenge will take place on July 25th at 14:00 CET.

The World Series of Mahjong is set to begin on August 19th and continue until the 22nd at the Venetian hotel in Macau. There will be three separate tournaments taking place at the WSOM. There will be the Main Event World Championship which is a three day single elimination tournament.

There is also the High Rollers Event which has a buy-in of $5,000. And finally there is the $1,000 Reach Event which will run in the Riichi Rules format. The main event has a buy-in of $650 plus a registration fee.

The prize money awarded will be based on how many players participate in the event. All events combined will have a total prize pool of $1 million and the top thirty players of the Main Event will earn a cash prize.

- 2010-06-16

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