Want to learn a second language? Try playing Mahjong!
Learning a second language is a goal of many people all over the world. There are so many different beautiful languages available for one to learn but it can be difficult. No one wants to take a class to learn the language and listening to the language sometimes doesn’t cut it. However, there is one option that could be considered for those who love the game of Mahjong.

TileSpeak, a company based in San Francisco, creates mahjong games that teach a second language. The company has announced they have released a second version of their Chinese language learning software. The new option can be downloaded at the Tile Speak website and offers players an opportunity to speak Mandarin or Cantonese while playing the game of mahjong.

The gaming option helps users gain up to a 75% fluency in both languages. The gaming option as well as repetitive techniques helps the user learn each language.
The application is free as of right now and can be used with no installation or registration. If you want to learn how to speak either language you can visit the site now and click on the application. The following features are available via the application:

500 most frequently spoken Mandarin words on audio
500 most frequently used Cantonese words used
Traditional or simplified character sets
Change colors in the game
Sixteen minute eastern influenced musical soundtrack
Colorful backgrounds
Fourteen levels of learning per language

- 2012-04-23

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