Unusual Mahjong style game released for Android
Mahjong is an ancient skill game that has been played for centuries. The game can be found in board form as well as online at casinos, gaming sites and social networks in many forms. There are also applications that can be downloaded for mobile devices for players to be able to enjoy the game. There are hundreds of versions of mahjong that can be downloaded and one company recently released a unique version of the game for Android users to enjoy.

Artex Studios Inc. is a software company that has just released a new mahjong style game called Fairy Cubes. The game is available for Android devices and offers players mahjong style play as well as 3 matching options. The game has forty five levels and more are being created as we go to print. The game has power ups and uses 3D graphics in HD to create an enhanced gaming experience.

The game is compatible for the Android 2.0+ and can be purchased at the CasualGamesStore for just$2.99. The game uses 3D cubes that players must find matches to like the standard mahjong game. This game of course has a fairy theme to go along with the title Fairy Cubes.

Fairy Cubes takes mahjong to a new level as players are able to see the cubes, which would be tiles in standard mahjong, in a 3D setting. The graphics are stunning and make playing the game fun and interesting. Players can play the game in many different shapes to keep them on their toes as they search for matching cubes. Overall the game is definitely worth checking out by Android users who enjoy the game of mahjong.

- 2011-04-29

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