Sunsoft creates new 3D Mahjong Game
Mahjong has been around for centuries and still remains one of the most popular games in the world. People from all over the world enjoy the game in many forms from board game style play to online casino style gaming. The game of mahjong has remained a mainstay and now a software company has released a new and never before seen version of the game.

Sunsoft is a software developer that began working on a new mahjong game some time ago for the new Nintendo 3DS. The new Nintendo system offers players a way to play games in a three dimensional fashion. The new mahjong game is called Mahjong Cub3D and players are able to see the game of mahjong in a whole new light.

The game gives players the ability to spin a tile stack so they can find matches that may not be seen on the screen. This gives the game a whole new twist and will make for an interesting and more challenging game playing experience.

The way the display for the 3DS is configured, when the stack is rotated players will have a realistic view as if they are holding the shape in their hands and turning it around to see all sides. Players can play alone in the classic mode and a versus mode is also available. If you have a friend who has a 3DS as well you can sync your systems and battle out in a mahjong game together.

The new game is sure to be a big hit amongst mahjong players as well as Nintendo 3DS users. The 3DS gives players a new experience that has yet to be seen in the gaming industry and the mahjong is a perfect game for new users to start out on.

- 2011-04-22

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