Silly Tale updates popular mahjong game
Silly Tale is a publisher of many different popular games for mobile devices, especially the iPad. Players enjoy playing their favorite games from casino style options to skill games and those just for fun. Silly Tale recently announced they have now updated their popular mahjong game, Mahjong Dynasty, and re-released it in the 1.3 version.

The game of Mahjong Dynasty 1.3 is similar to the original solitaire game which was made popular for the iPad but now offers new options. Players will now be able to compete with partners at a faster rate. Players simply connect to the Game Center with your friendís iPad and then began to play. This makes for a whole new gaming experience.

Playerís goal is to match all tiles and clear the board. Sounds simple enough, but this can be difficult. However, there are different modes so players can choose one that suits their gaming style. The game event has a gentle mode which will give hints or time outs to those who may need them. This option also includes a shuffle feature which will move the tiles around so players can make better

Players who want to try out this new game will need to have an iPad with iOS 4.0 or later and 29.7 MB. This new update is currently free and available via the App Store under the Games category. Below is a complete list of features:

Favorite layouts in normal, hard, very hard and extreme difficulty

Hard classic game
Hint and undo
Music and sound control
Saving when exit and goes to background
Unique scoring
In-app purchases shuffle 3 and shuffle 10 bonuses
Game center achievements

- 2012-04-09

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