Shanghai Mahjong: Top Rated Game for Mobile Devices
Mahjong is a very popular game that is played by millions of people around the world. The game can be played online as well as in board form. For people on the go, there are many options of mahjong for mobile devices. One of these options is the Shanghai Mahjong game. The game was created by MobileAge Inc and the game is currently listed as one of the most popular versions of mahjong available for mobile devices.

The Shanghai Mahjong version is so popular because it offers players many different gaming options. The game has unlimited customization features like their library of tile sets. The game is constantly updated with new tile sets so players can continue to enjoy new games. There is also a great selection of backgrounds to keep the game interesting and players have the option of placing images from their photo album to the game.

The game has over 200 layouts for players to choose from or players can choose the random button to get a different game each time. Players can also choose to play a quick game of mahjong or pick a longer version for a tougher game.

The game can be purchased at the iTunes store for just ninety nine cents and players can quickly begin playing the game on their iPad or iPhone. The game has great graphics and colors that give players a nice game play experience.

- 2010-07-19

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