PSN Adds Extra Content for Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom
The PlayStation Network is a great way for players to enjoy games as well as add extra content to games they already own. The Network allows players to download content to their existing games to create a better playing experience. The PSN recently announced the addition of extra downloadable content for three games, including in those games is Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom.

Players who love Mahjong Tales will be excited to learn that the extra downloadable content will give players twenty five new layouts for the Infinity Mode. A new level editor is included as well which will give players the option to design their own layouts. These layouts can be played online with the multi-player option so others can enjoy the levels you made as well.

Players have also mentioned they would like to have a mouse feature when playing Mahjong Tales so PlayStation listened and added that with the booster pack as well. It comes in the form of a free patch. The two other games that will have extra downloadable content available on PSN are: Magic Ball and Cuboid.

CEO of Creat Studios Inc, Vladimir Starhevsky, commented on the additions stating: "We are thrilled with the response that our first three PlayStation Network titles have received from both the PlayStation community and the media, and we are excited about releasing these Booster Packs to add to the great gaming experiences that so many PSN players are already enjoying. We have listened to our gamers who have repeatedly asked for more levels, level editors and new trophies, and we’re thrilled to be able to deliver on so many of their requests."

- 2009-04-15

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