Playstation 3 to Offer Mahjong Game Download
The Playstation 3 offers players the opportunity to purchase game downloads on their system so play can begin straight away. This option is great for consumers who want to play a game without the hassle of going to the store and finding what they might like. The PLAYSTATION 3 has a menu where players can search for the genre or type of game they might like to purchase.

The console is constantly adding new games for players to download and one new game that will be added this winter is Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom. TikGames and Creat Studios have partnered together to develop the game download for the PLAYSTATION3.

Mahjong Tales will be the first mahjong game on the PLAYSTATION3 Network. The game will be in narrated story mode where hand illustrated ancient Chinese tales will be revealed one at a time. Players can play in Motion Mode where reflexes will be tested as a player must match moving tiles.

Players can also choose to play the Infinity Mode where several classic game layouts and tile sets can be chosen. Multiplayer competitive options can be chosen as well. The founder and CEO of TikGames, Anatoly Tikhman, commented: "'MahjongTales' not only delivers a robust feature set with countless levels for both single and multiplayer game play, but it also has been meticulously and artistically created to take advantage of the console's high definition capabilities.

- 2008-11-20

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