New Mobile Mahjong App teaches the Chinese Language
Ever thought about learning another language but was unsure how to do so? Or thought a language class would be hard or boring? Now there is a new way to learn the Chinese language thanks to TileSpeak Software. The mobile application developer has created a new mahjong application that can be played on various mobile devices and teach the Chinese language during game play.

TileSpeak has been released for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and will work on devices that run iOS 4.0 or higher. The new application is half mahjong and half language educational tool. The will help those who want to learn the Chinese language while they enjoy the fun of the mahjong game.

The new mahjong game features five hundred Chinese characters in both Mandarin and Cantonese all of which are the most commonly used. The game pieces have a stamp of a single character and it has a tonal association of color on the game board. The TileSpeak game takes these pieces and uses them in place of the standard Mahjong tiles.

Each tile piece will have the correct pronunciation of the character it features. The character is also phonetically spelled in Pinyin to help players learn the language. Each piece will also tell the user the translation in English once the tile has been selected by the player.

Mahjong is known to be an addicting game and players who play the game on a regular basis are able to memorize the tiles and remember them. TileSpeak uses this knowledge to help those who want to learn the language by creating this new option. Players will simply need to play the mahjong game to learn the language and as always practice makes perfect!

- 2011-07-11

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