New Mahjong Option Released by TabTale
TabTale is a popular gaming company that creates applications and education games. A second game was recently launched by the company and was published by the Crazy Labs label which is owned by the company as well. The game was created with the title Tip Tap Monsters and is a unique version of the game of mahjong.

To play the game, players simply match monsters that have been described as cute but cranky. The option allows for timed gameplay or you can play in a relaxed setting just for fun. There are several levels of the game and you can choose from tropical locations for game play. On every level, you will find a different layout of the monster tiles and you will only be able to remove the tiles if they are clear on the sides and the tops.

During each timed gaming stage, players will have to clear the board of the titles in the quickest time. The tiles must be matched with the same type of tiles so they are removed. The color of the tile as well as the number of eyes for each monster must be matched to clear the tiles.

You may find the tiles in small groups or in one large group. While playing the mahjong style game you can earn stars, if you miss any stars during the journey of game play, you can go back and try again. You will be given 2 power-ups for each level which help in game play.

One of the power-ups includes s shuffle so you can arrange the tiles again so hopefully you can earn a match. The other option is a hint button which helps you find a match on the board that you may not see. The game if downloadable for free for iOS.

- 2014-05-14

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