New Mahjong Application available for Android Mobile
The Android mobile phone is one of the most popular mobile devices available on the market today. Many people own the Android for the technology it provides as well as the applications that can be downloaded and enjoyed. There are hundreds of applications available for the Android from gaming options to practical options like a flashlight and GPS application.

One popular game that can be found in several application downloads is Mahjong. Most everyone loves the game of mahjong whether it is online or in game board form. A new mahjong was recently released for the Android and it is called Random Mahjong.

The best thing about the new game is that it is absolutely free! Players can download the game for no charge and begin playing straight away. The game is similar to the solitaire version of Shanghai Mahjong. The game is called Random Mahjong because there is a random board generator that will give players a unique gaming experience each time.

Players can play the game of mahjong starting with thirty two tiles and play with as many as one hundred and fifty two tiles. The tiles are very colorful and beautifully constructed to create an enjoyable gaming experience. The tiles even fly across the screen during game play which makes the experience even more exciting.

The game also has an auto-continue and auto-save option which gives players the opportunity to take a break from their game for a short time or long time whichever they prefer. This is a great option so players do not have to worry about finishing their game, they can simply save their game and come back to it another time.

- 2011-05-20

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