Microsoft Mahjong a Big Hit Among Gamers
The game of mahjong is one that is enjoyed by the young and old. The game can be played for fun or for money, online or in board game form. No matter what version you play, you are sure to have a fun and entertaining time. A recent release by Microsoft is taking the game by storm as more and more players opt to enjoy this version of mahjong.

Microsoft Mahjong is a new option by Microsoft to go alongside the Windows Phone game downloads. The game is quite colorful and is played like the basic online gaming option. Players will find the menu is easy to understand and navigate with large button choices for easy gaming. Players first choose their degree of difficulty and then move on to customize the game.

The new game offers four different themes:

Autumn Glade

The new mahjong game from Microsoft is also compatible with Xbox Live so that players can enjoy the game on their gaming system as well. Players will be able to undergo several challenges and earn achievements which can be seen and boasted upon with Xbox friends. You will be able to keep the achievements based on your ID as you are logged in on the Xbox.

Gamers will also be ranked based on game position and show how you rank in the game. As you move your way to the top of the game, you will be able to build on your mahjong skills. Compare yourself with others and see how you rank among friends as well as other players from around the world. The game can be enjoyed on several platforms and is going to be the next big game for players to enjoy.

- 2014-02-05

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