Man Burns House after Wife Denys Money for Mahjong
We have reported several articles over the past few months on mahjong players and the odd things that happen because of the game. It seems players in Asia really love the game and just about anything can happen while playing or being denied the ability to play.

Previous articles have included players who have suffered comas, heart problems, broken bones, death and many other afflictions. It seems that marathon sessions of mahjong are the problem behind these conditions but one man recently did something outrageous because he was denied money to play the game.

A man from Meihekou in the Jilin province asked his wife for money to play mahjong but she refused. The man was so enraged that he tried to burn down their house and was arrested in the process. His wife called authorities when she noticed the fire and her husband confessed that he was in a rage and that is why he set the fire. He commented: I asked my wife to give me money to play mahjong with friends that day but she refused.

Seems very drastic for just wanting to play a game, but apparently a good deal of people take the game of mahjong very seriously, so seriously in fact that they are willing to risk their health, relationships or freedom just to play the game.

- 2009-06-17

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