Mahjong Solitaire Spawns New Mahjong Card Game
The game of mahjong is one that is enjoyed in many forms. From board game to online and even mobile game play, the game can be enjoyed in several different ways. A new version of mahjong was recently released by a Dutch Indie developer called Mahjong Cards 1.0 and is available for the iPad. This new game takes the standard game of mahjong and changes it to a card style game.

With classic mahjong, the goal is to match tiles that have the same symbol. The symbols must mach and the chosen tiles must be free of other tiles to be removed. The Mahjong Cards game will use a deck of playing cards and then be used to play

This game can be enjoyed on the iPad and has over sixty different puzzles. You can relax while playing the game and trying a new version of mahjong. The game is mildly challenging so that you can have fun but still feel as though you must work to play the game. The game offers several features including unlimited undos and shuffles. There is no time limit to paying the game and you can choose a highlight option to show you to the free pairs.

The new mahjong card game has amazing artwork and uses clear graphics to provide for an interesting gaming environment. You can choose to use the music of the game or play your own tunes to customize the gaming experience. The game is available in English and Dutch formats.

To be able to play the new mahjong game, you must have an iPad that is iOS 5.1.1 or later with 22.3 MB. The game is a new take on the classic game of mahjong and is sure to be one that you enjoy as a time burner or just for fun.

- 2014-05-06

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