Mahjong Shut Down causes Senior Revolt
Mahjong is a favorite game in the Asian culture and can be seen taking place in many different areas and provinces. One area is cracking down on illegal mahjong game play and over one hundred people were arrested last week as part of a mahjong sting operation. Eleven parlors were raided and the people were arrested in the Shau Kei Wan area.

The raids have caused senior players to become distraught and they are upset about the shutdown of their favorite pastime. The players have been upset that they cannot play the games anymore now that the low stakes games have been shut down. The seniors have been enjoying the game for two decades and now will not be able to visit the mahjong parlors.

It took over sixty officers to conduct the sting operation at the different mahjong outlets. Police found that almost half of the area mahjong parlors were conducting what they are calling illegal mahjong games. Of the people arrested, fifty five were women and seventy four were men. The age ranges of those arrested were twenty to ninety.

The investigation reports stated that as much as HK$8,000 was paid to the operators by players to keep the games going on. Officers have stated the games are believed to have taken place for more than a year while the mahjong players say they have been enjoying the games for more than a twenty year time frame.

The elderly players stated that they would play with mostly elderly people including those who were retired from the fishing industry. The mahjong games were enjoyed at a leisurely pace and would have only HK$20 or HK$30 on the table. This was reported by a player who was able to escape the officers and not be one of the arrested players.

- 2013-12-09

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