Mahjong Players not happy about possible smoking ban
Nanchang a city in China may soon be smoke free if health authorities have their way. Smoking takes place everywhere from hospitals to schools, cabs, elevators, restaurants, bars, etc. health officials would love to see smoking cease but people are not going to be happy if a ban is enforced, especially mahjong players.

The game of mahjong is enjoyed by millions of residents in china and the majority of players smoke while they compete. If a ban is put in place then the mahjong players will not be able to smoke while they play the game. The ban would be on indoor smoking so all public places would see smoking cease. This would include offices, bars, restaurants etc.

The new law is up for vote this Friday and it would be a stiff one on the country. Anyone who breaks the law would face a fine of 50 Yuan and the owners of the establishment where the smoking took place would have to pay 5,000 Yuan.

If the ban is passed it will be quite difficult for people in China. A report was published a couple of years ago which found that people in China would be ok with a smoking ban in schools, offices and hospitals but restaurants and bars were another story. Smoking is so wide spread in China that even children have picked up the habit. Some as young as seven years old have tried a cigarette.

It will be interesting to see if the ban is passed and how the public reacts. Officials may decide to allow smoking in restaurants and bars but eliminate in the major public areas like schools, hospitals and offices.

- 2010-12-22

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