Mahjong Player Tries to Cheat Game Room
The game of mahjong is not one that is able to avoid controversy. There is just something about the game that causes players to act strange. The most recent crazy mahjong story to be released comes from Nape. It was recently reported that a casino in Nape was reviewing surveillance footage and noticed a player cheating during mahjong game play.

It was on November 24th that a player was seen cheating at the mahjong tables. The authorities were notified and they approached the player who goes by the name Wong. The player was a visitor to the area and was questioned thoroughly. He admitted to cheating at the game and was found to be using a simple method.

The player was hiding two tiles that were not as useful from his thirteen in his sleeves and then he would win with a tile number that is smaller than normal. The player was able to win three rounds using this technique and was able to earn HK6000 during each round of game play. The player has now been sent to the Public Prosecution Office. The player now awaits the punishment for his crime.

This instance is just one of many where players take their mahjong play very seriously. Players have gone to great lengths to be able to play the game or even win the game. Many players hate to lose or simply want to make a profit and will go to any extreme to do so. Players must remember that mahjong is just a game and one to be enjoyed. If you find that you have an addiction or problem with the game of mahjong, take the time to seek help for your issue, to avoid acting like such players as Wong.

- 2013-12-03

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