Mahjong Player Makes Horrible Life Decisions
We constantly report on the game of mahjong and how players can make very rash and crazy decisions when playing the game. In board form, the game can be quite addicting, especially to those in the Asian community. Players have been known to dehydrate themselves, not eat even rob people and get into fights when playing the game. Just recently, a player from the southeast area of China made several wrong decision that now has him in jail.

Wang Wu was an avid player of mahjong, especially at a club in Heyuan City. The player was a regular at the club and ended up getting kicked out this past week due to arguing with others. This was very upsetting to Wu, who then decided to go visit the owner of the club, Dewei Chang. Wu asked if he could be admitted back in and Chang refused. Wu then became aggressive and he was told to go away.

Wu then returned to the club with a kitchen knife and stabbed Chang, killing him. Wu then left the scene and was found at his flat. He was confronted by authorities and then headed to the window area and threatened to jump. After one hour, Wu did jump but landed in an inflatable which cushioned his fall. As he jumped, the Fire
Brigade officials were able to move the inflatable to the right spot to save his life.

Wu was then arrested and charged with manslaughter and will go to trial later this year. The family of Chang would like to see the death penalty given to Wu for his actions. This is a crazy story that can only be added to the long list of stories that involve the game of mahjong. Players are constantly making the wrong decisions when playing this game!

- 2014-05-19

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