Mahjong Player Killed during game
The game of mahjong is very popular in Asian culture as well as all around the world. The game is played by millions of people and sometimes it can become so addicting that things can get out of hand. Players have died during marathon gaming sessions as well as hurt themselves or other people.

We have brought you stories over the years of players hurting themselves while playing the game. Players have had heart attacks, strokes, brain seizures, fainting spells, etc. hard core mahjong players tend to play marathon gaming sessions where they will play for twenty four hours straight or more without thinking to stop and drink, use the bathroom or eat.

The game has also caused players to get into heated arguments which had lead to physical fighting, shootings, stabbings and even death in some cases. The most ironic thing about these instances is that most times these players are much older and should know how to handle themselves better during a game.

The latest mahjong news comes from Antipolo City in the Philippines. Armando Abasalon was playing mahjong at a location near his home when he was shot. An unidentified man approached Abasalon and pulled a gun and then proceeded to shoot him in the head. The suspect then fled the scene and police are still investigating the case. These details came from the report of Supt. Manuel Delfin
Pion the city’s chief of police.

This case makes one wonder, did the suspect know the man and was trying to maybe collect a mahjong debt? Or did the man just randomly walk up to the victim and decide to shoot him? Hopefully police will be able to track the subject down soon and figure out why he chooses to shoot the mahjong player.

- 2010-12-27

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