Mahjong Player Dies from Heart Attack
Many gamblers find themselves playing long marathon sessions of their favorite games. No matter what your pleasure it is very easy to play for hours before you even realize how long you have been playing the game. This can happen in poker, blackjack and even mahjong.

Most recently a fifty year old man from the Jilin province was playing mahjong with his neighbors at a nearby drugstore. The manís name is Chen and on New Yearís he played mahjong for fifteen hours straight with his friends.

Chen took only a three hour break during the marathon gaming session and after his short break he collapsed on the game table. Medics were called to the scene and found Chen not breathing and no heartbeat.

The medics found that Chen had suffered from extreme exhaustion and had died from a heart attack due to the exhaustion. They were unable to revive him.

- 2009-01-09

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