Mahjong Lottery Player Earns Big Win
The game of mahjong is one that is enjoyed on a regular basis by gamers in many different forms. The game is one that can be played online, in board game form and even in lottery form. Players will find the game can be played almost anywhere for fun or for money.

The game of mahjong was created centuries ago in Asia and continues to be a popular game for players to enjoy. In essence, the game is played on a board with small tiles that are decorated with a character. Players must make matches with their characters to win the game.

The game of mahjong has been integrated in many different ways across the country, especially in the gambling industry. In the Ontario area, a local woman recently won a nice windfall after playing an Instant Mahjong scratch game. The game was added to the lottery offerings from Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and the lucky winner has earned $80,000 by playing the mahjong option.

The lucky winner was Janice Whiteside of Frankford. Whiteside stated that she only plays the instant tickets and the mahjong option is her favorite, go-to game. She could not believe she earned the large lottery prize and immediately went numb. She would have jumped up and down to celebrate the win but couldn’t seem to move!

The mahjong scratch game tickets cost only $3 each and offer a top prize of $80,000 which is the exact amount that Whiteside managed to win. Players have a one in 3.54 chance in winning the top prize and the lucky gambler was able to do just that. By combining the game of mahjong with lottery game play, lottery sales have done quite well as players enjoy playing this style of game.

- 2014-01-14

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