Mahjong Games leads to player getting stabbed
We have brought you many, many stories of how serious mahjong players are about the game. Players are so serious about the game that they have died because of it. The most recent story comes out of Edmonton where a man stabbed another man after he lost at the game of mahjong.

Tai Han Troung became very angry after he lost a mahjong game so he decided to stab his opponent with a pair of scissors. The man has now been ordered to take anger management classes for his actions. Troung was given a suspended sentence and he now has eighteen months of probation.

The judge presiding in the case ordered Troung into treatment and counseling for alcohol and he must not contact the victim under any circumstance. Troung must also submit a DNA sample and he cannot possess a weapon for five years. He also had to pay $300 in a victim fine surcharge.

During the tile it came to light that Troung had first thrown a mahjong tile at the victim and then he jumped up and grabbed a pair of scissors from a table that was nearby. He then chased after the victim and stabbed him several times. The victim suffered from several stab wounds in his shoulder and temple as well as defensive wounds on his hands.

- 2010-07-28

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