Mahjong Game Causes Players to Fight
Two players who were left competing in a mahjong game in western Garapan ended up fighting each other this past Friday night. One player was left with multiple injuries after the fight was over. This is not the first time the game of Mahjong has caused fights or odd injuries.

Hua Feng Sun age thirty six and Xua Huang got into a fight at the GIG Night Club during a Mahjong game. The game was taking place at the Rui Jin Store which is right behind the night club. Hua Feng Sun was arrested for aggravated assault and battery, assault and battery as well as disturbing the peace. He was taken yesterday to the Superior Court for a bail hearing.

Huang is the alleged victim and he suffered cuts to the head as well as bruises all over his body and black eyes. According to the police report, Huang won the first game of mahjong and Sun did not want to pay his debt for the loss. Sun claimed that Huang owned him $200 from a previous game from two years ago. An agreement ensued and Sun left.

Thirty minutes later Huang walked out of the store and was going to the 777 Poker Game Room. In route, Sun appeared behind Huang and allegedly hit Huang in the back of the head and then proceeded to choke him and punch him in the face.

- 2009-11-04

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