Mahjong Fun with Massages and Swimming in China
Asian players have long enjoyed the game of mahjong. The game was created in Asia and has been a popular game online as well as in board game form. The game was created in board game form first, where players must match tiles on the game board to win. In today’s time, players can take part in enjoying the game of mahjong online for easy game play, even playing the game for money.

In land play, players will play for both fun and money, sometimes taking the game to extremes. We have published story after story about players who have hurt others or hurt themselves just to play the game. Fights break out and players will take strong measures to hurt the other player or players will play the game for such long periods of time they forget to eat or even drink, causing dehydration and major health issues.

In the Chongqing Municipality of Southwest China, players have combined the game of mahjong with unlikely bedfellows to have an enjoyable time. A wooden board was created for floating and was added to a swimming pool to play the game while you swim. The water park allowed for the game to take place and even offered players massages while they concentrated!

Several tables were added to swimming pool and all around you could see groups of four taking part in the game. The temperatures in the area became quite hot and residents were trying to find a way to beat the heat. This new option of mahjong was quite enjoyable for players and shows that you can basically play the game anywhere.

So if you have a pool and a gaming set, try to have a game in the water. You may find it quite enjoyable and a new way to play the game!

- 2014-07-15

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