Mahjong Fan Dies During Long Gaming Session
The game of mahjong is one that has been around for centuries. For hundreds of years, the game has been played in homes across the globe. Originating in Asia, the game has taken a strong hold on Asian gamblers. Players enjoy the game on a regular basis and play for money or for fun. The game can also be enjoyed online but in Asia, it is not uncommon to see the game played in board form.

As with any gambling game, mahjong can become addicting. Players have been known to go to extremes when playing the game. Some players will go hours without eating, drinking or going to the bathroom while others will get into major fights over the game, turning brother against brother. It is not rare to find a huge fight break out or even stabbings to murder when it comes to mahjong. Players are serious about game play and in several cases, a gaming session has led to death.

Just recently, a man died after collapsing during a mahjong gaming session. The man, known as Chai Yu Suang, was at the Taman Mesra to watch a marathon gaming event of mahjong when he just collapsed. The man had been complaining of headaches, according to witnesses, and then suddenly fell to the ground. The man had two children and was just finished with dinner with the kids when he went to watch the mahjong game.

According to police, the case has been classified as one of sudden death and was investigated. It makes one wonder if he just died at the wrong place wrong time or if the excitement or longevity of the mahjong game had some effect. Either way, this is yet another death and incident that can be associated with the age old game of mahjong.

- 2014-08-26

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