Mahjong becoming popular in Denmark
The game of mahjong has been around for hundreds of years and still continues to be popular to this day. The original game is played with tiles in a board game setting but players can also enjoy the game online in a solitaire mode. The game has been popular for a long time in Asia but for some time the game has begun to spread to other areas across the globe, in particularly Denmark.

Because the game is intellectually stimulating, many residents of Denmark have begun to play the game on a regular basis. Mahjong Denmark is a national association for mahjong players and the chairman of the organization, Tina Christensen, commented on the game by stating:

“The beauty of the tiles inspired me to start playing. They are quite exotic to a European person. Later, I became fascinated by the many variants in the game. When you get a new hand of tiles, you have a new mystery to solve, and that is very fascinating.”

The mahjong association was created in 2000 by Christenson so players would have an opportunity to enjoy the game in an organized way. The association first gained just a few members and now has around fifty full time members. The group meets each week to play the game.

The group also hosts monthly courses for those who want to learn the game and they have slowly been teaching people and now the game is really taking off in the country. Fans of the game have grown in the area and it just proves that the game is fun for all and will continue to remain popular.

- 2012-01-05

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