Mahjong Attacker Confesses On Television
The game of mahjong is one in which the Asian culture truly embraces and plays on a regular basis. Across the area of China, there are mahjong parlors where players can enjoy the game with friends, family or complete strangers. Just a few days ago, a young man entered such a facility and decided to attack the players with an ax. The man was one of three who attacked a facility in Xinjiang and has now apologized for his actions.

The man confessed and apologized for his actions on state television, stating that other gang members had influenced him to carry out a holy war. The man is known as Mu’er Zhati and was identified and shown on China Central Television. The man is a native Muslim Uighur and may be part of a group of extremists who head attacks including bombings.

The man was one of three who attacked a mahjong gaming center with axes, slashing people as they entered. The players tried to fight back using the chairs of the facility and the three men were forced outside. The men were then stopped by other people as they tried to escape by using sticks and were held at bay until police arrived. The other two attackers were injured and later died while only four civilians in the mahjong facility were hurt during the attack.

According to police reports, the gang members were influenced to attack by watching extremist’s videos which were created overseas. The head of the gang was involved but had been killed during the incident. Mu’er stated the leader told him that if he died carrying out the deeds of the jihad or the holy war, he would be sent directly to heaven. Mu’er apologized for his behavior and stated that he will never do anything like this again and wants to be able to take care of his parents at home if released on detention.

- 2014-07-01

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