Mahjong and Big Two Launched ot Facebook
One of the leading gaming companies that focuses on the market in Asia, the World Mahjong Tour, Inc., has launched the first software game application on Facebook, a social marketing site, called Mahjong and Big Two.

World Mahjong Tour founders, Pierre Wuu and David Wang said in a press release, "Both Mahjong and Big Two are extremely popular Asian games with a massive followings worldwide. We plan to bring and introduce many Asian games to the entire worldwide audience in English and other languages."

According to experts there are an estimated 100 million Mahjong players worldwide. The game is a national pastime in China as well as on of the most widely played game in the world. It is especially popular in China, Taiwan, Japan, and most Asian countries.

Now players can play online at Facebook either socially or competitively 24 hours a day.

The World Mahjong Tour founders added, "With this new launch on the Facebook Platform we will be the leader in presenting Asian games to a worldwide global audience. Facebook has a strong presence outside Asia in both North America and Europe. This is a market which very few Asian gaming companies have entered. This market will only grow and allow the World Mahjong Tour to further enhance its position as a leader in the Asian online gaming space."

- 2008-01-23

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