Love of Mahjong Gets Woman Killed
As we have reported in the past, the game of mahjong can get people in serious trouble. From health issues to actual death, the game of mahjong is one that is taken so seriously by players that someone usually always gets hurt in the live game setting. The most recent bizarre mahjong story to be released comes from the Jiading District.

The Peopleís Court of Jiading have released court document which state that a local man accidentally killed his wife after she came home from a night of mahjong game play. The man, surnamed Jin, faces one year of probation on an assault charge after he fought with his wife back in October.

Jinís wife arrived home and he was waiting on her outside of their apartment building. His wife did not arrive home until noon the very next day. The couple quickly began to argue and the fight became a physical one. Both husband and wife began to shove each other and in an instant, Jin shoved his wife and she fell and hit her head on a car parked nearby. Jinís wife was victim of a craniocerebral injury and she died after one day in the hospital.

During the sentencing, the judge stated that the couple seemed to have a normal marriage before the fight and this instance was just a freak accident. This allowed Jin to be given a year of prison but a reprieve of only probation due to the coupleís prior history. The judge decided to give the defendant a lenient sentence because he not only confessed to what happened but he also received forgiveness by his wifeís family.

This is just one of many instances that shows how the game of mahjong can take people out of their comfort zones and cause them to make decision they might normally make.

- 2013-03-18

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