Hallmark Channel Online Website Adds Mahjong Game
The Hallmark Channel recently announced they had added several games to their online website as a way to add more appeal to their website. The new game section is called Fun & Games and features a new Mahjong game called Café Mahjong.

Café Mahjong is the number one game right now on the site as many visitors are giving it a try. When you begin the game you are at the counter of a coffee shop. You earn coffees throughout your game play until you eventually reach the end which is called the IL GRANDE FINALE.

Players can select different types of tile sets before they begin their game. Coffee, Traditional, playing cards, holiday and kids cards are available for choosing. Play begins very easily and once you have completed a round you get a stamp on a coffee card, much like a real buy so many get a free coffee card.

The Hallmark Channel will be promoting family friendly games all year and many will be connected to the programs on the network. For example if the channel is having Love Month then the games would revolve around love.

Chad Harris the Vice President of Special Projects and New Media for Hallmark Channel commented: "Research has shown that Hallmark Channel viewers stay tuned in longer than the average TV viewer. Now we hope to extend that experience online with fun and engaging games that keep audiences interacting with the Hallmark brand.”

- 2009-01-29

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