Enjoy a game of mahjong, Underwater?
The game of mahjong is one that is known to produce unusual stories. The game has brought on fights with brother against brother and neighbor against neighbor. The game is so addictive that players have been known to become dehydrated, pass out and even die while enjoying the live board game. Mahjong players take the game very seriously and recently the game was taken to an even higher level of game play.

Currently the temperatures in China are sweltering and everyone has been trying to find a way to cool off. The most recent choice is to take to the depths of a pool and play mahjong. In the Hunan province, four divers took to the bottom of a pool to cool off and enjoy a game of mahjong. One of the divers, Zhang Pin, spoke with the Changsha Wanbao and stated that playing the game of mahjong underwater is for fun but the real reason behind the game was to remain cool.

The water in the swimming pool was around 5.5 meters deep and the temperature was very cool, allowing players to cool off and enjoy the day with a game of mahjong as well! Each player had to wear a swim suit and underwater breather apparatus to be able to breathe underwater. To communicate during the game, players would use hand gestures. Signs were also used to help with game play.

The gaming apparatus, the table and tiles included, were made of a heavy material so that each piece would be able to stay under water and rise to the surface. Most people in the area felt as though this gaming option was quite unusual but a nice way to cool off from the hot and uncomfortable temperatures. Many questioned if anyone won but soon realized that the game was just a way to cool off.

- 2013-08-16

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