Chinese Team Fails at World Mahjong Championship
The World Mahjong Championship is an event that players from around the world look forward to. The event proves who the best of the best are when it comes to mahjong. Players look forward to playing on a team and representing their home country. Every year, the Chinese team is expected to do well because mahjong is an Asian game. However, the team failed miserably this year, finishing in a very low place.

The Chinese national team was only able to finish in 37th place during the 5th Open European Mahjong Championship. The best player of the team ranked 30th overall, so the national team was unable to come up with a decent win during the event.

This year the event took place in France and was organized by the European
Mahjong Association. The winner of the event was a team effort comprised of players from Europe and Japan. It was a Japanese player who earned top honors as the best player of the tournament.

Of the World Mahjong Organization, Yao Xiaolei, stated that the poor performance by China goes to show how much the game is gaining in popularity in Europe. The game is taking off and Chinese mahjong is gaining ground in other countries. Even though the game is gaining in popularity, residents of china are not happy with their countries performance.

Millions of people took to social media to make fun of the mahjong team and how poorly they did in the tournament. Many are calling for the game to be added to the higher education entrance exam and think the loss was worse than when China lost to Thailand during a soccer match in 2013. Hopefully the team will be able to recover and do better in next year’s games.

- 2014-07-22

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