China Province Offers Unique Gambling Dining Experience
Across the globe, there are many different dining experiences for visitors to enjoy. Travelers are always looking for exciting and interesting dining experiences and gamblers now have a very unique option in the Shanxi province of China. A new restaurant has opened that offers a casino themed dining experience.

The new restaurant just opened on the 18th of this month but has already seen many patrons. The experience is definitely fun and exciting, especially for younger diners. Those at the restaurant will be able to sit down and menu looks like a huge playing card. Diners will check off what entrée or appetizer they would like based on the menu.

Each table in the restaurant offers a unique casino décor from roulette tables to craps and more. Each table has the unique gaming table that is covered with glass. Visitors do not play the games but they can view the items and see what it would be like to play certain table games.

Food at the restaurant is even served in a large die which makes for a fun experience. Diners will find a container inside the die that is home to noodles and other food items. The décor continues on the walls and throughout the restaurant and anyone who has never visited a casino will get a firsthand look at certain games as well as a unique dining experience at the same time.

This is just one of many themed restaurants that can be found throughout the world. Travelers should always search for new dining experiences to not only get the most out of your trip but to also try something new. By trying new foods often, the palette grows and allows for more interesting meal times and unique eating experiences.

- 2014-01-02

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