Child Brings Thousands to School for Mahjong Game
The game of mahjong is one that has lasted centuries and well beyond what many would have expected. The game first started out in board form and was made popular in Asia before moving across the globe. The game is now enjoyed in live form and online for both play and for money. In the Asian culture, the game is played on a daily basis and can become quite addicting.

Players must be careful to not wager too much money on mahjong or make life-altering decisions while playing the game. In the past we have reported of players killing one another, heart attacks, dehydration and physical body damage just from playing the game.

Another unusual story has caught our attention, this time in the region of Malyasia. A four year old child was going to play the game of mahjong at his kindergarten so he decided to bring a little money to wager. The amount in the boys hands was almost $4,000!

The boy had taken the money from his mother’s bedroom as he knew where she kept extra cash. The little boy wanted to use the money to play a game of mahjong and apparently he had seen huge amounts of cash spent on the game at home.
The child comes from a long line of mahjong gamers. The huge amount of money was discovered after the little boys teacher searched his back pack for homework that had yet to be turned in. The teacher found a large amount of money and then told the boy’s parents.

Thankfully the money was found but just imagine if the boy had been able play the game of mahjong and someone else had earned the money. One set of parents would have been quite surprised at the windfall!

- 2014-03-10

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