Astraware Mahjong launches exclusively for NOOK Color
NOOK Color is an e-reader available at Barnes and Noble that allows owners to read thousands of books as well as access the internet and download applications. It was recently announced that Astraware is releasing several of their games for the NOOK one of which is Astraware Mahjong.

The mahjong offering by Astraware is going to be exclusive to the NOOK Color for a limited time via the Android platform. Astraware will also be offering their version of Solitaire, Casino and Sudoku for NOOK Color owners to enjoy.

Astraware released a statement on their games going to the NOOK by stating: “We’ve put together a selection of titles that are ideal for people who like to both relax and use their brains - which will be perfect for NOOK Color owners! With great features to make the games rewarding to play, and customization to really make them your own, these will sit perfectly alongside the books, magazines, and entertainment that NOOK Color owners already enjoy!”

The mahjong offering has over thirty puzzle layouts and can be played on four different difficulty levels. There is also a daily puzzle challenge that allows players to look at other player’s times all across the world to compare their game play.

The Sudoku option has many puzzles and is available in six different difficulty levels. There is also a puzzle generator and a puzzle solver. Players can also input their own puzzles via newspapers and books.

The Casino option has eleven games including Slots, Craps, Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold’em Poker and much more. the Solitaire option has twelve single player card games including Pyramid, Spider, FreeCell and much more.

NOOK Color owners can purchase all four games for just $4.99 via their NOOK device. The games can be downloaded quickly from the Shop on NOOK Color.

- 2011-05-06

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