Another Mahjong Player Gets Hurt While Enjoying the Game
Mahjong is an extremely popular game all over the world and it seems that most diligent players come from Asia, where the game originated. Reports have surfaced that players have went into comas, suffered heart attacks and other crazy things while playing marathon games of mahjong. The most recent player broke a bone while playing the game.

A sixty eight year old man was playing mahjong in Beijing when he won the game he was playing. To celebrate his win he slapped the table and the table somehow fractured a bone in his leg when he fell out of his chair.

The man was taken to a hospital in Wuhan the capital of Hubei province where he was treated for the fracture. With all these stories happening within months of each other it seems that people will need to be more careful when playing the game or they may suffer from the same fate.

- 2009-06-11

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