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Elderly Woman Will Still Play Mahjong Even After Health Issues

The game of mahjong is a popular one, so much so that players will go to drastic lengths to play the game. Players have been known to go days without food or water, get into fights with fellow players and even suffering heart attacks due to marathon game play. Dedicated players do not want to give up the game and one elderly lady of Zhuhai is vowing to never give up the game despite health issues. (29/10)

Mahjong Solitaire Game Launches on iOS

Gamers enjoy playing entertainment titles of many different genres on iOS systems as it is a great way to pass the time as well as easy to do. Players can simply turn on their iPhone or Android and download the latest game and begin playing, it is that simple! Mahjong is one such game that is enjoyed by millions of people across the globe and when a new option is released, players usually download the game straight away! There is now a new mahjong app that players can enjoy from Kristanix Games, that was just released. (23/10)

Mahjong Hits the Sky

The game of mahjong is one that is enjoyed in all cultures but was created in the Asian culture. The game is played traditionally in board game form with small tiles with characters on each tile. Players have started to become interested in the game by playing online but many still enjoy mahjong in its original form. The Asian air market will now see a luxury option when it comes to mahjong from Jeff Bonner Research & Development. (10/10)

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