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Mahjong Record Set In Hongkou Township

The game of mahjong is one that is readily enjoyed in Asian culture. The game was created in Asia and players from all over the world enjoy the game on a regular basis. The most popular form of the game are in board form and one township in China decided to host a mahjong tournament to try and break records. The township of Hongkou recently hosted a mahjong game to break the unofficial record for the highest standard of mahjong to ever take place. (27/09)

Mahjong Leads to Yet another Stabbing

The game of mahjong is one that players take very seriously. It doesnít matter where you play the game, something crazy tends to happen. We have reported about players who have gone without food, water and bathroom breaks to be able to play marathon sessions of the game. This type of behavior can lead to dehydration, sickness and sometimes death. Players will even go to the extreme of fighting their opponents, and sometimes this leads to jail time or even murder. The latest instance of mahjong craziness comes from Alaska. (11/09)

Mahjong Game Funds Teens Thievery

When someone wants to steal, they will go to any length to do so. A thief will take any advantage they can to be able to get a free ride. A student named Li Ho-wai recently took mahjong games to his advantage and stole HK$230,000 from a friendís home. The student is now facing time in a detention center. (04/09)

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