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Ancient Sets of Mahjong Return Home

The game of mahjong is an ancient form of entertainment. The game dates back centuries ago and is Asian in origin. This game is one that has stood the test of time and can be played in many forms. The game originally was created with decorated gaming tiles and would be played on a game board. Today, the game can be played in this form as well as in online game play. The game is so ancient that items representing the game can be found in museums. (19/07)

Illegal Gambling Raid Results in Twelve Arrests

Gambling raids take place more often than one might think. All across the world, individuals host gambling options and most times, these gambling games are not regulated, which makes them illegal. Depending on where you are, the gambling game of choice will vary. Some like to host illegal poker games while others offer video poker and other electronic gaming machines. In Asia, the game of choice for most gamblers is mahjong. The game of mahjong can be found in most illegal gambling raids. The most recent raid took place in Singapore and resulted in twelve arrests. (11/07)

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