Mahjong News - Archive 2013-06
Russian Gamblers Turn to Mahjong

The game of mahjong is one that is very popular in Asia but also around the globe. The game has taken off in a variety of countries and the most recent country to pick up the game is Russia. Players have really taken to the game and major cities have begun to host tournaments and gaming opportunities. A tournament with around sixty players took place in Moscow recently and more are becoming open to playing the game. (18/06)

French Mahjong Team Upsets China during Championship event

The Mahjong Open French Championship took place in France just a few days ago in the Toulouse area and teams from around the world competed in the prestigious event. The game of mahjong is an ancient one that derived from Asia and those of Asian descent grow up learning and playing the game. Many are considered experts and the Chinese team expected to do very well in the event but did not and certain remarks were made about their performance. (05/06)

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