Mahjong News - Archive 2013-05
Another Death due to Mahjong

As we have reported in the past, the game of mahjong is one that is no stranger to weird and crazy stories. The game is one where players are constantly becoming addicted to the game going very far to win a round of mahjong. Players have starved, dehydrated, fought and died to play the game. No one really understands the serious draw the game has on players except those who enjoy the game. But we do know that a few times a year very serious stories are reported about the game. (28/05)

Sydney Harbor Bridge Features Mahjong Game

Every month, fascinating stories of the game of mahjong are found online. From curious stories of players staying up all night to scary stories of players fighting and killing each over a game, the game of mahjong is quite interesting. This month, a very interesting story has been released about the game. In Australia, four players decided to play a game of mahjong high up on the Sydney Harbor Bridge! (23/05)

New Mahjong Set Available in Limited Quantities

The game of mahjong is an enjoyable board style game that can be played online or in live form. The game gained popularity when it was created in Asia centuries ago and continues to be popular today. The board option is one that is enjoyed by many people and can become quite addictive. Board gaming options come in many forms and NetEase recently announced they are offering a new special edition of the game of mahjong. (16/05)

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