Mahjong News - Archive 2012-09
Mahjong Players Arrested for Illegal Gambling Operation

It seems as though every few weeks, an illegal gambling den is busted in Asia. A large percentage of the time, the illegal facilities will offer the game of mahjong for players to enjoy, since mahjong is a popular Asian gambling game. Just recently, nine people were arrested for running and participating in an illegal gambling den operation. The gambling den had been able to last because the group passed themselves off as an association. (19/09)

Mahjong Game Gets Heated

The game of mahjong is one that many players take very seriously. Games are always fun but the game of mahjong is one that players can fight over and even die for. Players tend to quickly become addicted to the game and then take their game play a bit too far. Recently, a player in Singapore was arrested because he had thrown his mahjong table out of his flat. (13/09)

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