Mahjong News - Archive 2012-08
Major Mahjong Win in Sichuan Province

The game of mahjong is a popular gaming option all over the world. Players enjoy playing the game and they love to be able to compete for cash prizes. Jing Daiju of the Sichuan province recently won 200,000 Yuan by playing in a special tournament options. On August 18th, the 2012 Sichuan Mahjong Competition took place and Daiju was able to win the event and the large cash prize! (23/08)

Mahjong Website Gaining Ground

The game of mahjong is an ancient one that has been enjoyed for centuries. The game first originated in China and over the centuries has evolved and now can be enjoyed at many different online gaming sites. Players from all over the world enjoy the game and one site is reaping the benefits from player’s love of the game. (06/08)

Mahjong Doing Well in Macau

Macau has quickly become a top gambling destination for serious gamblers. Gambling games of all types can be played in Macau and recent reports have shown that the game of mahjong is become quite popular in the area. The game offers high stakes and has begun to bring in large revenues to the casinos in the area. (02/08)

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