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Large Group Arrested for Mahjong Gambling

In Asia, the game of mahjong is one of the most popular forms of gambling. Millions of players love the game and it comes in many forms, giving players many entertainment options. The game is most popular in tile form which is played on a game board in the country. Players have been known to become so addicted to the game that they make bad decisions, sometimes resulting in jail time or even death. (24/07)

Game of Mahjong Causing Divorce

The game of mahjong is very popular all across the world and has proven to be a very addictive game especially in the Asian community. The game has caused players to fight, become sick and even die because of marathon game play. It has now been released that the game is also the result of divorce for many couples. (19/07)

EnsenaSoft Launches New Mahjong App

EnsensaSoft is a top software development company that is independent and creates various types of games for players to enjoy. The company recently announced that they have published a new application for a Windows 8 Release Preview and the new game available via the app is a new version of Mahjong. (17/07)

Mahjong Time to Host Mahjong Tournament

Mahjong Time is a top provider of online mahjong gaming options and the company recently announced they have partnered with Mah Jongg Madness to provide an online mahjong tournament for players to enjoy. The two will be pairing up to host an officially sanctioned Global Mahjong Tournament Master Points event. (12/07)

Mahjong Logic Signs Yet another Licensee

Mahjong Logic is a top provider of peer to peer online mahjong software solutions. The company has been able to grow considerably over the past few years as they continue to sign new licensees to their label. The site recently announced they have now signed King58 as their latest partnering project. (09/07)

Single Ladies looking for mahjong players

Most single women looking for a man want a nice guy that is funny and moderately good-looking. However, a group of women from the Sichuan province are looking for another type of attribute, the love of mahjong. Thirty six businesswomen, all of whom are quite rich, are now looking for a few good men who can put up with mahjong game play. (06/07)

City Official Fired and Fined for Mahjong Gambling

In Asia, the game of mahjong can get people into trouble. The game is played in a board style fashion with tiles and the game has been popular in the area for centuries. Players can quickly become addicted to the game and make poor decisions in the process. This is exactly what happened to one city official in Meizhou City of the Guangdong province. (02/07)

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