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Mahjong Time announces iOS Mobile Application

Mahjong Time is a top provider of online mahjong software solutions and they have been very busy as of late making various announcements. The company has recently announced that they are now launching an iOS mobile application which will be available for the iPad and iPhone mobile devices. (18/06)

Bodog88 Adds Mahjong from Mahjong Logic

Bodog88 is an online casino and sportsbook that is based in Asia and they have recently announced that they are partnered with Mahjong Logic Limited. Bodog88 has been provided with mahjong gaming solutions via Mahjong Limited and the addition has been very successful. (15/06)

Mahjong Logic signs yet another partnership agreement

Mahjong Logic is THE Company when it comes to online mahjong gaming options. The company provides an excellent turnkey mahjong solution and many companies are partnering up with the mahjong company. The latest agreement comes from OpenBet. OpenBet will now be able to provide their licensees wit the turnkey mahjong solution of Mahjong Logic. (11/06)

Yangpu Man Killed Over Mahjong Game

The game of mahjong is a popular game that is played all over the world. The game originated in Asia and has been played in the country for thousands of years. When the game began, it was a simple board game and now the game can be played online in solitaire form. The original form is a popular choice for those in Asia and mahjong parlors are located all across the country. (01/06)

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