Mahjong News - Archive 2012-02
Mahjong to be made available on airplanes

The game of mahjong is very popular all across the globe and those who are addicted to the game will be glad to hear that it will now be made available on specific flights in the US. EA, a very well known gaming publisher, has decided to take several of their gaming titles from Pogo and make them available during flights. (27/02)

iPad offers new layouts for mahjong game

Mahjong is a popular game that is enjoyed all over the world and players tend to enjoy the game online. Players are able to play the game of mahjong via mobile devices as well as handhelds and many players play the Mahjong Dynasty game for the iPad. Software company Silly Tale recently released the game Mahjong Dynasty 1.2 on the iPad with extended layouts. (10/02)

Mahjong ruling could affect online poker status in the US

A recent case court case involving the game of mahjong in New York may help determine the outcome of the game of poker in the United States. Mahjong is a popular game played in the US and recently two people were tried for promoting gambling and possessing a gambling device. The ruling made by the judge was that mahjong is a contest of chance and his findings could help the game of poker be ruled as a game of skill not chance. (03/02)

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