Mahjong News - Archive 2012-01
Mahjong Logic earns new Network License

Mahjong Logic is a top provider of online mahjong software options. The company has been very busy since last year adding new licensees to their company and offering up the best in online mahjong gaming. The company provides operators with the best mahjong gaming options and has quickly become a leader in the game of mahjong. (20/01)

AMI Entertainment Network launches new mahjong game

AMI Entertainment Network Inc. recently released the ML-1 touch screen countertop and they are now proceeding to push the new games they have created. Just this past December the company released their first updates and now they are ready to launch their internet-based platform which they are calling Megatouch Live. (11/01)

Mahjong becoming popular in Denmark

The game of mahjong has been around for hundreds of years and still continues to be popular to this day. The original game is played with tiles in a board game setting but players can also enjoy the game online in a solitaire mode. The game has been popular for a long time in Asia but for some time the game has begun to spread to other areas across the globe, in particularly Denmark. (05/01)

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