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Dream Club’s Mahjong game set to entice male gamers

Dream Club is a gaming company that produces many gaming titles particularly sex styled gaming options. The company recently announced that they are going to be launching a new mahjong game which is sure to appeal to the male gaming audience as the women featured in the game are scantily clad. (30/12)

New Mahjong option available for iPad

The game of mahjong is very popular amongst gamers and gamblers and both will be excited to hear that a new mahjong game is now available via the iPad. Silly Tale a software company has now launched a new game titled Mahjong Dynasty 1.1.2 for the handheld device and players can now download the new application. (28/12)

Love for Mahjong saves woman’s life

Mahjong is a popular game played by millions of people around the world. The game can be played in many forms from online game play to classic style. The classic style of mahjong game play is the most popular in Asia and the game recently helped save one woman’s life. (21/12)

Mahjong Robbers finally arrested

On July 29th 2011, five masked men entered a mahjong room in the Jinshan District and robbed thirteen people while they were enjoying the game of mahjong. The men got away with almost $11,000 and have been on the run ever since. The men were finally arrested this week after an intensive investigation. (14/12)

Mahjong could be added to Intangible Culture Heritage Items in China

The game of Mahjong has been around for centuries. The game is one that has been able to last the test of time and can be enjoyed in many forms. The game has circulated the world over the years and almost every nation understands the game and enjoys game play. The game is most popular in Asia and one organization is hoping to add the game to the world list of Intangible Culture Heritage Items as it plays a large role in the culture. (06/12)

Killer jailed for Mahjong stabbing after almost three decades

The game of mahjong is serious business for many people, especially those who live in Asia. Stories are reported on a regular basis of mahjong players who take the game a little too far and to crazy things. Players have been known to play marathon sessions and have died, had heart attacks, have fought people, stabbed and shot people and even killed fellow players. A man from Singapore has finally been arrested for killing his mahjong opponent after being on the run for twenty eight years. (02/12)

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