Mahjong News - Archive 2011-11
World Mahjong Organization changes height of tiles

Just last week, the World Mahjong Organization announced that they decided to change the height of the mahjong tiles. The group has standardized the height of the tiles that will be used in official competition to ensure what they are calling a ‘healthy, friendly and scientific’ option to the game. (28/11)

Mahjong Logic adds yet another operator to licensee list

Over the past few months Mahjong Logic has been adding gaming operators to their list of licensees. The company recently announced that they have now added Kashbet to their large list of licensees. Using the Best of Bread technology, Kashbet will now add Mahjong Logic’s mahjong option to their offerings. (23/11)

Mahjong Logic signs yet another deal

Mahjong Logic, one of the largest mahjong companies in the world, has been very busy over the past few months signing new companies as licensees. The company announced just two days ago that they have signed Bodog88 as a new licensee for their brand. (18/11)

Janryumon for iPad a realistic experience

Mahjong is a very popular game that has been enjoyed for centuries. The game comes in many forms and can be found on thousands of gaming sites online. With the latest technologies available, the game has now moved from PC/Laptop to mobile device. The game can be downloaded via an application and then enjoyed from iPads, iPhones, Androids, etc. (15/11)

Mahjong Logic signs 66mahjong to new license

Mahjong Logic is one of the largest providers of online mahjong gaming options and they are constantly signing new licensees to their offerings. The company recently announced they have signed 66mahjong as a new licensee. (11/11)

Cave Interactive announces new social mahjong game

For some time now, Cave Interactive has been surrounded by mystery. The site has been teasing gamers with a mystery mahjong option and they were supposed to announce the mystery on 11/11/11 but the site has now decided to announce what the mystery is. The site is going to be offering a new social mahjong option titled Mahjong Rokumeikan on 11/11/11, which will be a free to play game. (09/11)

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