Mahjong News - Archive 2011-08
New Mahjong game coming this month

A new mahjong game is releasing this month for the PC that players are sure to enjoy. The new game is called Mahjong Escape Ancient China and it is a solitaire style mahjong game. Players will be taken on an adventure through ancient China as they explore eleven different dynasties along the way. (12/08)

Bacca releases new mahjong variant

A new mahjong game has been launched for the iPad thanks to Bacca, a software company based in Russia. The new game is called Baccahjong 1.0 and is a variation of the game of mahjong. The game is played like standard mahjong and the large screen makes viewing the game enjoyable. (05/08)

Moonlight Mahjong for the Mac

Mahjong is a popular skill game that can be played many ways. The game has become so popular that these days it seems a new application for the game is released on an almost daily basis. Moonlight Mahjong is one such application that has been available for the iPhone and iPad. Just a few months ago the game was released for the Mac and players have been downloading it at a rapid pace! (03/08)

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